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July 2019

4th July 2019                GDT Auction more or less stand on, 0.5ppl milk price reduction for Dale Farm members for May deliveries


June 2019

18th June 2019            Note from the Editor AKA Ian, GDT down for a third consecutive Auction, 0.6ppl milk price reduction for direct suppliers to Arla – from July 1st


May 2019

24th May 2019             1ppl milk price reduction for Pensworth (liquid) suppliers, 0.5ppl milk price reduction for Wyke Farms (cheese) suppliers

3rd May 2019              0.75ppl milk price reduction for Grahams Dairies producers from 1st May, 0.75ppl milk price reduction for Barbers (cheese) producers milk price


April 2019

24th April 2019            Arla members stand on with its May conventional price at 30.23ppl, Challenging issues for Arla One Contract sign up in mainland              Europe but no issues raised with our NFU’s

5th April 2019              0.75ppl milk price reduction for suppliers to South Caernarfon Creameries (cheese), 0.75ppl milk price reduction for suppliers to Belton Farm (cheese) from 1st May


March 2019

22nd March 2019         Arla to stand on with Members April milk price which continues to defy gravity, Morrison’s are the latest retailer to sign up to Arla 360

15th March 2019         1ppl milk price reduction for suppliers to Glanbia (Cheese), 1ppl milk price reduction for suppliers Dale Farm (Kendal)

1st March 2019           0.8ppl milk price reduction for suppliers to Paynes Dairies, Muller to stand on for April will be a huge relief to its suppliers



February 2019

15th Feb 2019              1.25ppl milk price reduction for suppliers to Pensworth (liquid), 1ppl milk price reduction for suppliers to OMSCO


January 2019

31st Jan 2019               1.25ppl shock price drop for Muller Direct producers, What message does Ian think Muller are sending to the Industry

25th Jan 2019               Arla hold its February member milk price, December milk production at a 25 year high

17th Jan 2019               2.03ppl milk price reduction for suppliers to Freshways, 1ppl milk price reduction for suppliers to Paynes Dairies

4th Jan 2019                 1.41ppl milk price increase for Marks & Spencer’s aligned producers, 1ppl milk price reduction for suppliers to Dairy Crest Direct (Davidstow) cheese


December 2018

21st Dec 2018              1.5ppl milk price reduction for suppliers to The Fresh Milk Company (Lactalis) & 1.33ppl milk price reduction for Arla members

7th Dec 2018                Entitlement trading kicks in to action as 2018 SFP money lands in farmer’s bank accounts

3rd Dec 2018                1.25ppl milk price reduction for suppliers to Crediton Dairy & AMPE and MCVE continue heading south


November 2018

26th Nov 2018             1ppl milk price reduction for suppliers to Payne’s Dairies & Muller to pay an extra 0.5ppl for participation in hits herd health initiative

16th Nov 2018             0.46ppl backdated rebate for Sainsburys suppliers & Stand on December milk price for First Milk members

6th Nov 2018               GDT continues to fall & Milk Prices Up, Down & Held


October 2018

17th Oct 2018              Fonterra revises its forecast milk price down by up to 1.88ppl equivalent & GDT clocks up its 10th consecutive fall

2nd Oct 2018                Muller stand on price for a second consecutive month for November & First Milk stand on price for a second consecutive month for October 1st


September 2018

25th Sep 2018              1.09ppl, Welcome but surprise Arla member milk price increase & Sainsburys under attack from its farmer suppliers

4th Sep 2018                AMPE and MCVE climb higher & Arla plans to pay out its 2018 profits to farmers


August 2018

21st Aug 2018              GDT auction results continue to head south & Brief Market Outlook

3rd Aug 2018               Paine Partners sell the Meadow Foods share after less than 2 year ownership & Arla’s Organic stance turns sour


July 2018

24th Jul 2018                0.85ppl milk price increase for Arla members & Arla warns that Brexit could hit UK dairy consumers pockets

9th Jul 2018                  What are Arla tipped to do for August? & AMPE & MCVE both pushing north


June 2018

29th Jun 2018              No price change for Muller suppliers in August & Dale Farm secure Number 1 position as cheddar supplier to Lidl

22nd Jun 2018              1.92ppl milk price increase for Arla members from July 1st puts Arla back in front & European Commission sell a further 23,533 tonnes of Intervention SMP

15th Jun 2018              1.2ppl milk price increase for Pensworth Dairy suppliers & Tesco do half price Cathedral City

4th Jun 2018                Market outlook and statistics as 30ppl fro June milk quickly becomes an unexpected reality


May 2018

25th May 2018             1.15ppl increase in Arla’s standard litre price from 1st June & Muller/Lidl 28ppl fixed price contract closes fully subscribed

11th May 2018             0.5ppl May milk price reduction cancelled by Grahams Dairies & Paynes offer a fixed price option for 28ppl

4th May 2018               Stand on prices for June will not be reported & April wholesale dairy prices were positive


April 2018

27th Apr 2018              AMPE & MCVE continue to head North & First Milk to hold its member milk price

20th Apr 2018              Muller Directs option to fix up to 50% of their milk at 28ppl for 3 years & Eat less dairy say 52 organisations

3rd Apr 2018                Dairy Crest & DCD in deadlock as a 1ppl price cut is imposed & GDT down 6% for the fourth consecutive auction


March 2018

23rd Mar 2018             3ppl milk price reduction for suppliers to Lactalis & Muller & Grahams Dairy Scotland scoop 3 year Lidl deal

9th Mar 2018               GDT average falls for the second consecutive month & Dairy farmers’ contracts terminated with only 3 months notice

2nd Mar 2018               Friesland Campina March farm gate milk price is 30.4ppl & Arla to pay for milk they are unable to collect


February 2018

23rd Feb 2018              2.16ppl milk price drop for Arla members is a blow & GDT auction is a mixed bag

16th Feb 2018              RABDF submits an inquiry to the EFRA Committee

9th Feb 2018                GDT average bounces up 5.9% in two weeks & Arthur Fearnall to replace Jonathan Ovens on Arla Amba Board

2nd Feb 2018                Arla to invest in £460millionof which £72million will come to the UK & Ovens has no case to answer according to HMRC and starts legal proceedings


January 2018

26th Jan 2018               1.73ppl (2 Euro Cents kg) milk price reduction for Arla members

19th Jan 2018               Goat farmers under notice as milk supply eclipses demand & GDT up 4.9%

8th Jan 2018                 Arla take 100 million litres off Muller in battle to supply Aldi & New Strategy Director at AHDB Dairy


December 2017

29th Dec 2017              Muller to hold its milk price for February & NFU & NFUS are accused of being asleep at the wheel

21st Dec 2017              Variable & complicated net milk price reduction for Arla members from January 1st & Bitter pill for final GDT auction of 2017

8th Dec 2017                1.5ppl milk price reduction fro Glanbia Cheese suppliers & GDT auction index up 4.0%

1st Dec 2017                1.5ppl milk price drop for Muller Direct suppliers from January 1st & Freshways give advance warning of an anticipated January milk price reduction


November 2017

24th Nov 2017             Arla stand on milk price for a second consecutive month & 200th GDT auction is no reason to celebrate

10th Nov 2017             UK milk production continues to rocket up &V Stand no milk price for suppliers to the European Giant Friesland Campina


October 2017

31st Oct 2017              No Halloween Treats for Milk Producers & Dairy UK’s UK dairy industry White Paper is an interesting read

20th Oct 2017              This bulletin comes to you free – in return please …… & Key details from First Milk’s financials

9th Oct 2017                GDT prices down 2.4% & Foreign labour on UK dairy farms is critcal


September 2017

29th Sep 2017              1ppl milk price increase for Meadow Food suppliers & Milk prices as at 1st October

25th Sep 2017              1.55ppl milk price increase for suppliers to Paynes Dairies & 30 jobs to go at First M Creameries at Lake District (20 & Haverfordwest (10)

15th Sep 2017              UK Dairy Day gets the thumbs up & 1ppl milk price increase for Freshways suppliers

8th Sep 2017                Barbers pay 38.1ppl on August deliveries above the Base Volume & Medina Dairy Commerical leter could have done better

4th Sep 2017                AMPE breaks 40ppl and MCVE reaches a new record & Cream income worth 16.66ppl to a liquid processor but whose having that cream?


August 2017

25th Aug 2017             0.79ppl (1 Euro Cent) increase for Arla Foods members & Milk production update

21st Aug 2017              1.19ppl cost compensation payment to 300 Arla farmers from Morrisons & Muller’s take on Fayrefields comments

9th Aug 2017               Meadow Foods acquires Fayrefields Liquids division & Muller unveils its non-aligned Muller Direct Futures facility

1st Aug 2017                1.31ppl milk price increase for suppliers to Muller Direct – from 1st September & First Milk’s August 1st milk price increases


July 2017

21st Jul 2017                Arla unanimously vote to move to 12 months notice period & First Milk price contract changes

14th Jul 2017                32ppl equivalent milk price for July deliveries paid by Friesland Campina

7th Jul 2017                  1.5ppl milk price increase for suppliers to Grahams Dairies (Scotland) & NFU accuse Arla CEO or scaremongering


June 2017

30th Jun 2017              1.5ppl milk price increase for Muller supplies – from August 1st & 29.5ppl net milk price for March to June 2018!

23rd Jun 2017              GDT down 0.8% & Dairy UK Beyond Brexit Seminar and comments from EU Commissioner, Phil Hogan

16th June 2017            Yew Tree concludes its first 2 year fixed price contract & Production and Markets - Update

5th Jun 2017                Markets continue to head North & Open Farm Sunday – 11th June


May 2017

26th May 2017             0.4ppl milk price reduction for Arla members & MCVE & AMPE both comfortably over 30ppl

19th May 2017             1ppl back dated milk price reduction for County Milk suppliers – from May 1st & UK product goes into Intervention

12th May 2017             0.5ppl milk price reduction for Muller non-aligned suppliers – from 9th June & The consensus is that dairy markets have turned the corner

5th May 2017               2ppl milk price cut for Dairy Crest Davidstow suppliers & First Milk May 1st price reductions


April 2017

28th Apr 2017              1 Euro Cent (0.76ppl) milk price reduction for Arla members is neutralized for Arla GB members & No reduction in EU SMP stocks in 8th tender

14th Apr 2017              No takers at latest Dutch Dairy Commodity auction & Arla confirms a 12 million Euro investment in baby powder

7th Apr 2017                Crediton Dairy stand on with its suppliers ex farm gate milk price & Mre SMP goes into Intervention


March 2017

31st Mar 2017             0.62ppk milk price increase for Tesco (TSDG) suppliers & Muller stand on for April & May

24th Mar 2017             1ppl milk price drop for County Milk Products Limited suppliers & 0.79ppl (1 Euro Cent) milk price drop bombshell from Arla

17th Mar 2017             Two Dairy CEO’s step down within days of each other & First Milk add to their trophy cabinet

13th Mar 2017             GDT auction price crashes back 6.3% & Arla confirm the 13th payment @ £9000 per GB farmer member

6th Mar 2017               New cheese plant on the cards for North Wales & Muller to offer futures contracts


February 2017

24th Feb 2017              No joy in GDT auction results & NFU Conference

20th Feb 2017              Friesland Campina (FC) guaranteed farm gate milk prices increases for February & Dairy Crest’s 9 months trading statement

3rd Feb 2017                Stand on milk prices for March 1st & Welcome payout for First Milk members


January 2017

27th Jan 2017               Lack of SMP sales from intervention stores is concerning & Dairy markets have passed 12 o’clock with spot prices down to 26 to 27ppl

20th Jan 2017               New MD at Medina & Meadow results are impressive

13th Jan 2017               Iceland, Medina, Buckleys and FFA & 2ppl milk price increase for suppliers to Helers Cheese

6th Jan 2017               2ppl milk price increase for First Milk members & GDT auction prices soften by 3.99% but …..


December 2016

22nd Dec 2016             Pattemores correction & Christmas Dairy Pantomime Fun

16th Dec 2016              First Milk’s half year results are encouraging & RPA claim 68% (£822 million) of SFO already paid

9th Dec 2016                GDT auction prices up 3.5% with WMP up 4.9% & AHDB Dairy apologise for their major mess up

2nd Dec 2016               Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who is the fairest of them all? & Muller is the official milk of the British Athletics Team


November 2016

25th Nov 2016             GB milk deliveries down 10.1% & Muller Milk Group (MMG) Farmer Board member prosecuted

18th Nov 2016             Muller under fire from its non-aligned suppliers & Ian Potter, Grahams Dairies & the A & B deduction scheme

11th Nov 2016             30ppl for Direct Milk DPO (Ex-Dairy Crest liquid non-aligned) & Dairy Crest profits up 19%

4th Nov 2016               6ppl milk price rise takes Barbers price to over 30ppl & Freshways abandon A litre undersupply penalties leaving Grahams exposed


October 2016

26th Oct 2016              Graham’s producers claim the goalposts have been moved & Freshways are struggling with angry loyal producers

17th Oct 2016              30ppl October milk price Yew Tree Dairies (AKA Woodcocks) & Sooty & Sweep are under attack from their non-aligned poor relations


September 2016

30th Sep 2016              1.5ppl milk price increase to Muller non-aligned suppliers & Clock this AMPE = 28.5p & MCVE = 32.4p

23rd Sep 2016              2ppl milk price rise for First Milk non-aligned members & GDT auction runs out of steam

16th Sep 2016              12.23ppl to cut milk production & Yew Tree Dairy (AKA Woodcocks) launch their farmers milk futures trading

12th Sep 2016              Paine & Partners buy a significant share of Meadow Foods & The only way is up as GDT auction results show

5th Sep 2016                2.5ppl milk price increase for Glanbia Cheese suppliers & First Milk’s September milk price increase – Round 2


August 2016

26th Aug 2016             Various milk price increases for First Milk members & Longley Farm Dairies

19th Aug 2016             Whole milk powder auction price rockets up 19% in 2 weeks & Is this all fair or is there evidence of tactical moves?

12th Aug 2016             1ppl milk price increase for suppliers to Pensworth Dairies & Muller defends their corner & attempt to dig themselves out of a PR grave

5th Aug 2016               2ppl milk price increase for Glanbia Cheese suppliers & First Milk milk price increases including 5ppl on B litres


July 2016

28th Jul 2016                Joseph Heler Cheese hit the nail on the head & Spot Milk @ 31ppl – if you can find it!

15th Jul 2016                UK deliveries crash & Arla brand to pay more money to farmers

8th Jul 2016                  Spot price at 28ppl plus! & Livestock Event 2016 “was like a sick dog on life support needing to be put out of its misery”

1st Jul 2016                  1.25ppl milk price increase for suppliers to SCC & 350,000 tonnes is the new intervention SMP ceiling


June 2016

24th Jun 2016              Meadow Foods 2ppl increase & Paynes Dairies axe B Litres – is that fair?

17th Jun 2016              MILK  PRICE NEWS FLASH – 2ppl milk price increase from Meadow Foods breaks he log jam early

10th Jun 2016              2ppl performance bonus from First Milk together with further price cuts & More signals that the bottom of this crisis is well & truly behind us


May 2016

27th May 2016             SMP volumes smash the Intervention ceiling & Milk production up 10%

20th May 2016             Glanbia rescind part of a 2ppl price cut & Intervention stocks are rocketing

6th May 2016               GDT results are still unsettled & Muller closure of Hanworth is reveresed


April 2016

22nd Apr 2016             98% of Dairy Crest Davidstow suppliers sign the new milk balancing contract & One off opportunity for Arla Tesco suppliers to switch to become Tesco Direct contracted producers

8th Apr 2016                GDT auction prices lift 2.1% (all prices are in US$) & The original intervention tonnage limit was hit in March

4th Apr 2016                It’s no April Fool as DEFRA’s average UK milk soars by 11% & 2.48ppl in February & First Milk price reductions


March 2016

24th Mar 2016             German co-op informs its farmers exactly how it is & First Milk announce plans to convert around £60 million loan capital into tradable shares

11th Mar 2016             Fonterra’s forecast farm gate milk price relates to 13.77ppl & Watsons Dairies (Medina) short notice changes to milk contracts

4th Mar 2016               GDT auction posts a modest 1.4% increase & Tesco winter cheese supplement is extended to First Milk


February 2016

12th Feb 2016              PTF scoops the Top Industry Award for a 2nd consecutive year & UK production continues to head north

5th Feb 2016                Another disastrous GDT auction & ASDA confirm its commitment to Arla until at least 2019

1st Feb 2016                Tesco drop industry bombshell moving circa 180 million litres of milk from Arla to Muller & What it means for Arla?


January 2016

22nd Jan 2016              GDT auction down 1.4% & AHDB Dairy Market intelligence raises eyebrows

15th Jan 2016               1ppl milk price reduction for Muller Wiseman & First Milk exit Westbury

8th Jan 2016                 0.25ppl & 0.18ppl First Milk price reductions and UK milk production continues to rise


December 2015

24th Dec 2015              Arla to hold its January member milk price but exchange rate takes 0.43ppl & Dairy Crest buy remaining share of GOS business for £6million

18th Dec 2015              First Milk successfully concludes its refinancing package & GDT

11th Dec 2015              Southern Ireland’s November milk production +50% & Arla’s vision to 2020

4th Dec 2015                Intervention SMP stocks are increasing again & Muller announce its management team post the Dairy Crest completion


November 2015

27th Nov 2015             Muller (Wiseman) hold its farm gate milk price until at least February 2016 & First Milk’s half year finances show a small profit

20th Nov 2015             Crude oil down to $44 barrel & With friends like these who needs enemies?

6th Nov 2015               Dairy Crest half year results are not rosy & 24 hours in the life of David Handley from Praise to Police


October 2015

30th Oct 2015              SMP intervention almost dried up & Arla UK report losses of £88m

23rd Oct 2015              Arla to hold its milk price & GDT shows 3.1% downward blip

19th Oct 2015              Morrisons Milk for Farmers is flying off the shelves & Dirty tactics on Morrisons milk

7th Oct 2015                4th consecutive auction rise as average prices jump another 10% & Tesco’s supplementary cheese payment is confirmed by SCC

2nd Oct 2015                1.5ppl milk price reduction for Dairy Crest Davidstow producers & £15.5million of English aid to be distributed to all


September 2015

25th Sep 2015              0.38ppl Arla Amba milk price increase nets down to 0.03ppl & CLA Game Fair is in limbo

15th Sep 2015              Dairy Crest to stand on with prices for October & 0.36ppl milk price reduction for Dairy Crest/DCD formula contracted producers – from 1st October

7th Sep 2015                1ppl milk price reduction for suppliers to Fresh Milk Company (AKA Lactalis) – from 1st October & FFA & NFU partnership works with Tesco


August 2015

21st Aug 2015              1ppl milk price reduction for suppliers to Fayrefield liquids – from 1st September & Morrisons to pay 26ppl minimum for all its liquid milk – from end of August

14th Aug 2015             1ppl milk price reduction for Meadow Foods – from 1st September & Arla launch the equivalent of the Arla Fair Trade Marque

7th Aug 2015               Fonterra slash its forecast milk price by 27% in only 10 weeks to only 12.2ppl & How big is the UK’s milk problem?

4th Aug 2015               Another disastrous GDT result with prices down 9.3% & FFA takes the crisis to retailers and the public


July 2015

24th Jul 2015                0.85ppl milk price reduction for Arla direct contracted suppliers – from September 1st & United Dairy Farmers stand on for May deliveries

21st Jul 2015                Graham’s The Family Dairy drops 7ppl B price bombshell on … Scotland’s family dairies

17th Jul 2015                0.169ppl Dairy Crest formula contract deduction – from August 1st & Disaster as GDT crashes a further 10.7%

10th Jul 2015                1.5ppl milk price reduction for supplies to Paynes Dairies & Tesco announce a comprehensive review of TSDG – The status quo is not an option

3rd Jul 2015                 Grim GDT auction results with WMP down 10.8%!! & 95.3% of Dairy Crest Direct farmers sign up to DPO


June 2015

30th Jun 2015              1ppl milk price reduction for First Milk A price milk – from 1st July & EU milk production is a problem

19th Jun 2015              First Milk announce eye-watering losses of £22m & One of the options open to Muller is discounted

16th Jun 2015              GDT average continues to head south – but & 0.661ppl milk price reduction for Dairy Crest Formula producers

5th Jun 2015                0.75ppl milk price reduction for suppliers to Glanbia Cheese & Caffe Nero – The Villains or The Victims


May 2015

29th May 2015             0.84ppl (1 Euro Cent) milk price reduction for Arla members it could have been worse & Peak production was 44.8 million litres on 26th April

19th May 2015             GDT auction continues to fall & The UK has passed its peak production day

8th May 2015               Entitlement Trading Update & More grim results from GDT

1st May 2015               0.52ppl milk price reduction for Waitrose supplies – from May 11th & First Milk’s CEO Mike Gallacher cuts deep


April 2015

24th Apr 2015              Arla holds members milk price for May & 1.1ppl milk price reduction for Fayrefield suppliers

16th Apr 2015              GDT auction results fall a further 3.6% & First Milk former members pass go but don’t collect their £

3rd Apr 2015                GDT auction prices were very grim and down 10.8% & What’s happening in the UK & Europe?


March 2015

27th Mar 2015             1.08ppl milk price reduction for Tesco (TSDG) producers & 0.83ppl nett milk price increase for Arla Amba UK producers

20th Mar 2015             Very disappointing GDT results – 8.8% & EU production & superlevy

13th Mar 2015             1.42ppl milk price cut for Joseph Heler cheese suppliers & February Milk Production

3rd Mar 2015               Muller Wiseman to hold producer prices for April & 0.62ppl milk price cut for Sainsbury (SDDG) suppliers


February 2015

23rd Feb 2015              Arla to hold its March milk price & Marks & Spencer to hold its producer milk price to 31st March

10th Feb 2015              1.5ppl (2 Euro Cents) organic milk price increase from Arla & Friesland Campina (FC) increase its milk price for February

3rd Feb 2015                The global dairy recovery has landed with Westbury powder + 18% & 2ppl milk price cut for The Fresh Milk Company (Lactalis) suppliers


January 2015

23rd Jan 2015              Arla Amba stand on price for February & Arla Directs – stand on price for March

16th Jan 2015               First Milk director Willie Campbell will want to forget Monday & First Milk what next????

9th Jan 2015                 Crude oil breaks the $50 dollars a barrel barrier & Muller Wiseman (MW) hold producer prices for February

5th Jan 2015                 2.43ppl milk price cut for First Milk cheese suppliers – from 1st February 2014 & AMPE falls below 20ppl having lost 50% in a year


December 2014

19th Dec 2014              GDT auction up 2.4% & Quota market remains very active

12th Dec 2014              1.75ppl milk price cut for Helers Cheese producers – from 1st January 2015 & Fonterra offer no Christmas cheer as it slashes its producer price

5th Dec 2014                16 Price Cuts in 5 Days & No Christmas cheer from Paynful Paynes


November 2014

28th Nov 2014             1.63ppl milk price cut for Arla AMBA co-op members – from 1st December & 100 redundancies in Arla UK

21st Nov 2014             GDT auction results crash again to record low points & AMPE & IMPE

14th Nov 2014             UK milk production +625 million in 7 months & 0.798ppl milk price cut for Dairy Crest formula contracts

7th Nov 2014               Muller to buy Dairy Crest’s struggling liquids division & an extra 1.3 billion litres of milk and What does it mean?


October 2014

31st Oct 2014              3ppl milk price cut for Arla Directs – from 1st December & 1.5ppl milk price cut for suppliers to Graham’s Dairies – from 1st November

24th Oct 2014              2ppl milk price cut for suppliers to The Wensleydale Creamery & No change to Arla’s November milk price

17th Oct 2014              EU Commission report predicts a 3.7% milk production increase & Big turnout for FFA protests

10th Oct 2014              3ppl milk price drop for Arla Directs suppliers from 1st November & Gwyn Jones takes on the challenge of DairyCo Chairman

3rd Oct 2014                2.25ppl milk price drop for South Caernarfon Creameries suppliers – from 1st November & GDT prices fall a further 7.3%


September 2014

26th Sep 2014              1.67ppl (2 Euro Cents) price drop for Arla Foods AMBA members & 32ppl Tesco milk price until Spring 2015

19th Sep 2014              GDT auction average unchanged & Spot Milk Price Watch

5th Sep 2014                Milk Quota Wanted & 3ppl milk price cut for all First Milk Members – from 1st October


Aug 2014

29th Aug 2014             Dairy SOS 2014 targets DEFRA/Government & European Commission (EC) step forward with emergency measures

22nd Aug 2014             GDT results are mixed but still grim & Queen and “Under Pressure” as Russian ban bites

18th Aug 2014             0.55ppl milk price reduction for Paynes Dairies supplies from August 1st & Russian import ban crashes cream market

8th Aug 2014               GDT prices crash 8.4% again & The European Puzzle

1st Aug 2014                Muller Wiseman hold firm on September prices & Commonwealth games, sun and supping something strong befuddles NFUS’s brains!


July 2014

25th July 2014              1.1ppl milk price reduction for Dairy Crest Suppliers – from 1st September & Tesco continue to hold firm on TSDG Farmgate milk price

18th Jul 2014                Global Dairy Auction prices crash back a further 8% & 1ppl milk price reduction for suppliers to Yew Tree Dairy

7th Jul 2014                  1.2ppl milk price reduction for Muller Wiseman non aligned producers & Global Dairy option prices down almost 5%


June 2014

27th Jun 2014              1.23ppl (1.5 Euro Cents) milk price reduction for Arla (AMCO) members from July 7th & Dairy Crest milk prices held for August

20th Jun 2014              0.028ppl milk price rise for Dairy Crest formula contracts & Auction prices up 1%

11th Jun 2014              1.15ppl milk price reduction for First Milk Cheese contracted members & May production


May 2014

30th May 2014             1.5ppl milk price reduction for Arla directs – from July 1st & 1.25ppl milk price drop for Dairy Crest liquid contracts

23rd May 2014            GDT auction prices continue to head south & Spot prices show signs of improving

16th May 2014             0.324ppl price cut to the Dairy Crest formula – June 1st & Arla agree merger with 795 Walhorn co-operative farmers

2nd May 2014              The 4 day milk price reduction league table & Tesco hold its May and June price for Muller Wiseman suppliers to TSDG


April 2014

25th Apr 2014              1.27ppl milk price reduction for Arla members from 28th April & What about The Voluntary Code?

11th Apr 2014            March milk production weighs in at a hefty +12.1% excluding butterfat adjustment

4th Apr 2014                Global Dairy Auction crashes 8.9% in 2 weeks & Farm gate milk prices – the vortex is coming fast


March 2014

28th Mar 2014             7pm Tonight BBC1 The One Show features Dairy & Iceland offer 8 pints for £1.80

21st Mar 2014             Muller Wiseman (MW) increases its non aligned milk price from April & GDT Auction prices ease again

14th Mar 2014             Record February Milk Production up 11.5% & Standard litre prices are transparent and simple

7th Mar 2014               0.56ppl milk price cut for Sainsbury’s suppliers from 1st April & Tesco raise price to its Arla suppliers from 1st March


February 2014

28th Feb 2014              Arla hold March milk price at 35.01ppl & 1.23ppl milk price increase for Arla Directs from 1st March

21st Feb 2014              Arla 2013 results & NFU Conference

10th Feb 2014              1ppl milk price rise for suppliers to Barber’s & Milk production continues to aggressively head north


January 2014

31st Jan 2014               0.74ppl milk price increase for Arla Foods member & Farm gate milk price at all time record of 34.26ppl

24th Jan 2014               1 Euro Cent milk price increase for Arla co-op members & Strong global dairy trade auction prices

10th Jan 2014               GDT Auction prices ease a shade & Milk production continues to climb       

3rd Jan 2014                0.5ppl milk price increase to Glanbia Cheese producers & Arla buy Westbury


December 2013

20th Dec 2013              Results in final GDT auction & First Milk investment at Haverfordwest cheese plant

13th Dec 2013              Dairy Crest announce closure of its Whitland site after only 8 months & Fonterra open the worlds largest milk powder drier

6th Dec 2013                First 2014 milk price increase announcements & GDT auction results kick start the festive period and GB will soon join the party


November 2013

29th Nov 2013              Single Farm Payments – Fingers crossed for Monday & Aylesbury goes up a gear

22nd Nov 2013            85% AFMP sign up exceeds expectations & 72% Tesco AFMP sign up also exceeds expectations

15th Nov 2013              Producer No.1 to Producer No. 600 & Milk Production jumps 9.7%

8th Nov 2013               It’s press the green button on new Market Drayton butter plant

1st Nov 2013                Muller call for contract notice period debate


October 2013

25th Oct 2013              Tesco trials cheese model

18th Oct 2013              First Milk ASDA cheese business reverts to Arla Milk

14th Oct 2013              First Milk’s Annual Results are note as all involved would have wished for

4th Oct 2013                Various milk price rises & Neil Kennedy receives the 2013 Dairy Industry Award.


September 2013

27th Sep 2013              Cap reform deal is finally concluded & Sir Jim Paice – Keep the faith – Please don’t go.

23rd Sep 2013              Various Milk price increases and Aldi milk promotion

13th Sep 2013              Tesco V Sainsburys milk price & August milk up 5%

6th Sep 2013                Nom is sold to Muller & Farmer protests at two sites

3rd Sep 2013                Milk Link Partnership Limited – SPECIAL BULLETIN


August 2013

30th Aug 2013              AFMP members on fast track to Arla Amba membership & FM Bank Holiday weekend problems

20th Aug 2013              Milk price increase for CD/DCD liquid formula price & We Want to buy your milk

13th Aug 2013              Jim Paice is new Chairman of First Milk & global industry panics over Fonterra’s late disclosure

6th Aug 2013                Arla announces closure and job losses & RSPCA accused of blackmail


July 2013

26th July 2013              Average May milk price +2.89ppl compared to 12 months earlier and CLA Game Fair

22nd July 2013              Farmers for Action demand change at Dairy Co with their e-petition & The “Mooman” screenings

15th July2013               June milk production still down & Dairy cow cheats bank in the spotlight.                  

5th July 2013                 Morrisons pilot cheese formula & Tom Hinds heads to Tesco


June 2013

28th June 2013             Jim Paice – a popular winner of this year’s Dairy UK Award and Minister speaks at Dairy UK dinner about TB and CAP reform

21st June 2013             AFMP members come under the Voluntary Code of Practice (VCP) & Farmer protests are back on the radar.

14th June 2013             Mooman hits its £20,000 target two days ahead of schedule & Fonterra Chairman Apologises.

7th June 2013               Muller Wiseman 32.27p opening formula price & GDT prices ease.


May 2013

31st May 2013             Neil Kennedy – further appointment as Non-Executive Direct of Belton Cheese and Muller Wiseman are latest to launch a formula contract.

24th May 2013             Neil Kennedy is back in the UK dairy business after only a few weeks absence & Who should help pay for Moo Man….

20th May 2013             Will milk quotas be retained beyond 31st March 2015? And FSA and Hook & Son agree to settle out of court.

10th May 2013             Various milk price rises & AMPE and MCVE hit record levels.

3rd May 2013               Various milk price rises & NFU and dairy coalition do a U-turn.


April 2013

26th April 2013 FFA withdraw completely from the dairy coalition & NFU communication lights blue touch paper.

19th April 2013 Global dairy trade auction prices up an average 0.6% and British processors attempting to source liquid milk from Ireland.

12th April 2013 Cheese the real story & NFU dairy producer rep summit calls for naming and shaming.

5th April 2013               Global Dairy Auction prices just keep rocketing up & WARNING – either retailers pay more or first Milk will have to crash producers prices.


March 2013

22nd March 2013         Tesco and Sainsburys up cost of production prices & Record breaking global dairy trade auction.

15th March2013           SFP and Entitlement fears could cost farmers dearly & Farmers for Action call on all retailers to clearly show country of origin.

8th March 2013            Fonterra GDT Dairy Auction average jumps 10.4% in only two weeks & formula based contract from Dairy Crest is launched.

1st March 2013            Competition for milk hots up as Muller Wiseman turn up the heat & Canadian cheese processing giant to exit South Wales and Europe.


February 2013           

22nd February 2013      Dairy Crest retain Sainsburys contract for a further 3 years & United Dairy Farmers January milk price 28.35ppl and its monthly auction axed.

18th February 2013      Unhappy dairy farmers at Derby FFA meeting & Arlas direct contract is the first to comply with the Voluntary Code of Practice (VCP).

8th February 2013        First Milk to increase member capital contributions to accelerate its acquisitions & Big turnout required for Derby FFA open meeting.

4th February 2013        Will contamination of New Zealand product affect tomorrow’s Global Dairy Trade auction & First Milks ice Chairman resigns from NFUS.


January 2013

25th January 2013        Vegan activist branding stunt backfires & Muller Wiseman sales team price correction.

21st January 2013        Muller Wiseman (MWD) to build UK’s biggest butter plant in aim to be the biggest, best and preferred UK milk processor & Beef burger scandal.

11th  January 2013       Neil Kennedy to leave Arla & First Milk scoop former Wiseman Finance Director.

4th January 2013          0.23ppl milk price drop for (Arla) Milk Link Members & Mirror Mirror on the Wall – Will the Arla Milk Link price drop more?


December 2012

21st December 2012    Andy Hemming – RIP & RSPCA spend £330,000 on a hunting with dogs case.

14th December 2012    Couple of price increases & November milk production down a whopping 6.1%

7th December 2012      Various price increases & New CAP rules delayed by at least 12 months.


November 2012

30th November 2012  Various milk price increases & what are you all moaning about since you’re making “serious money”?

23rd November 2012    Various milk price increases & Only First Milk left to move on milk prices.

16th November 2012    Mirror Mirror on the wall, who really is the UK’s leading dairy company? & Arla Milk Link (AML) December price increase.

9th November 2012      Milk production plummets a whopping 6.5% & Big milk demonstration in Brussels on the 26th and 27th November.


October 2012

26th October 2012       Milk auction prices rocket consequently ex-farm gate prices will be around 31.5ppl & EU milk quota super levy for 2011/12.

19th October 2012      Arla direct supply contract is launched with a 29p December price & Dairy Crest riding the waves.

12th October 2012       Various milk prices rises & 500 strong turn out for FFA/NFU dairy farmer meeting.

5th October 2012         Various milk price rises & Milk Link members receive £31.2 million in their bank accounts.


September 2012

28th September 2012   Various milk price increases & Co-op ex farm gate milk premium down to 1ppl but that’s not the real problem.

21st September 2012   Various milk price increases & What will be the Arla_milk Link member October milk price be?

14th September 2012   Spot milk price close to 40p and imports already here & production is plummeting.

7th September 2012     The Danish invasion marches on towards 4 billion litres & Make Mine Milk campaign unveils Olympic superstar.


August 2012

31st August 2012         Wisemans get a bruising as the heat is turned up in Ayrshire & a few milk price increases.

24th August 2012         5ppl milk price rise but who has pocketed the extra money? & Code of practive to be officially launched at RABDF Livestock Event/Dairy Event.

10th August 2012         Dairying Coalition to reveal stage 2 and Farmers for Action Membership.

3rd August 2012           0.5ppl price rise to producers supplying Wensleydale Dairy products & world dairy auction prices continue to climb.


July 2012

27th July 2012              First Milk brake the log jam and are first to cancel their 1st August price cut & Arla cancel their 2ppl 1st August milk price cut.

20th July 2012              NO milk price drop for suppliers to Embleton Dairies  & Tesco pay Wiseman and Arla the same price for all their liquid milk.

13th July 2012              4ppl milk price rise from Dairy Crest & huge turnout for meetings across Britain.

6th July 2012                Various milk price drops & Asda and Morrisons are now the main targets.


June 2012

29th June 2012             0.26ppl price increase for suppliers of liquid milk to Sainsburys – from 1st July & The verdict – a 6ppl gap is the biggest ever.

25th June 2012             Milk auction prices bounce up & Olympic cows become yet another campaign opportunity.

15th June 2012             NFU Dairy summit & Paice pulls no punches in his Dairy UK dinner speech.

8th June 2012               EU and World dairy commodity prices head rapidly North & Correction to Freshways back dated price cut story.

1st June 2012               Various milk price cuts.


May 2012

25th May 2012             Various price drops & Anglo German dairy relations turn sour with a £1 million price drop

23rd May 2012             No obvious negatives as Arla-Milk Link look to tie the knot & In conclusion: the shape of the UK dairy industry has changed.

18th May 2012             Milk auction results another mixed bag & Your chance to express your view on the future of dairying.

11th May 2012             Various milk price cuts & This weeks DIN conference “Is dairy recession proof”?

4th May 2012               Dairy Crest sneeze and heaps of dairy farmers catch a cold & various milk price cuts.


April 2012

27th  April 2012            Milk auction prices crash & Dairy Crest “The Dam Busters”.

20th April 2012 Dairy Crest are the only GB large processor which could cut May milk prices & Dairy Crest bad news story 1 + 2.

13th April 2012 No milk price adjustments for 1st May & Farmers bear the brunt of the Farmright collapse.

6th April 2012             Promar under attack from dairy farmer clients.


March 2012

30th March 2012          Dairy Crest then say farmgate prices will be coming down & Ovens and AFMP board put on the spot.

23rd March 2012          Milk auction prices fall again & Muller beauty parade timing could be better.

16th March 2012          Dairy Crest move to plan B & Change on the NFU Dairy Board.

9th March 2012            Dairy Crest set to sell its profitable French branded spreads business & Rock Farm Dairy back in action.

2nd March 2012           Rock Farm Dairy Limited go in to administration after a century of trading & Rock Farm Dairies Limited – The Farmers


February 2012

24th February 2012      United’s milk auction reflects weaker dairy markets & NFU elections.

17th February 2012      31.5ppl six month fixed price for Muller producers from Dairy Crest & EU dairy package receives a luke warm welcome.

10th February 2012      Arla recruiting for new Aylesbury plant but fail to acknowledge farmer investment & Farmright Update.

3rd February 2012        Muller resignation floodgates open & Dairy Crest statement see share value fall to 52 week low.


January 2012

27th January 2012        Auction results ease & Surprise hurdle for Temple to jump.

20th January 2012        Mullers cash bid for Wiseman is accepted & Semex turns towards tomorrow.

13th January 2012        Wiseman shares rally as Muller Dairy takeover bid is confirmed & Tesco ditch First Milk deal.

6th January 2012          New Year bombshell from Muller & Meadow Foods report very healthy results.


December 2011

23rd December 2011    Final 2011 Milk Auction comes off the boil & mixed results in final global dairy auction.

16th December 2011    Milk Link kill any concerns over New Year milk price reduction & Wind Farm Poll.

9th December 2011      World dairy auction prices rocket up 3.3% & Proud of Dairy and our military.

2nd December 2011     Dairy Crest Direct members challenge Dairy Crest & Free milk now on the cards.


November 2011

25th November 2011    Record breaking 6ppl milk on sale & Auction average 29.02ppl.

18th November 2011    Wisemans operating profits at all time low 1.1ppl & Surprise Dairy Event announcement.

11th November 2011    Production down again & Dairy Crest liquid results are sour.

4th November 2011      World commodity auction prices are a mixed bag.


October 2011

28th October 2011       Various milk price rises & Matthew Turnbull AFMP director 1993-2009.

21st October 2011       Various milk price rises & Correction and apology – Reference Cmyru Dairy Story.

14th October 2011       Various milk price rises & National milk production falls.


September 2011

30th September 2011   Various milk price rises & Lactalis in the firing line for no producer price increase.

23rd September 2011   Various milk price rises & The GB milk market realities.

16th September 2011   The Tartan Army left steaming & Knowing when to keep your mouth shut!

5th September 2011     Milk auction averages a record breaking 29.53ppl & First Milk joint venture with the world’s largest dairy co-op.


August 2011

26th August 2011         Will towards 2ppl be sufficient to guarantee supplies? & Northern Ireland Co-op suppliers benefit from market related milk price.

19th August 2011         Are you proud of Dairy? & Auction prices close to stand on.

12th August 2011         £50 million OFT fines will not be paid to farmers & First Milks end of year results.

8th August 2011           Global auction prices stable & Medina go shopping.


July 2011

29th July 2011              Cave cheddar scoops Supreme Championship at Nantwich & Ian required therapy having attempted to read the latest Dairy Co report.

22nd July 2011              Britains cheapest milk – only 16ppl! & First Milks financial results.

15th July 2011              Dairy Co Datum bulletin under fire & M & S to introduce “healthier” lower saturated fat milk.

8th July 2011                June production on a par with 12 months ago & Wiseman send out a clear signal that ex farmgate milk price increases are imminent.


June 2011

24th June 2011             Co-op announce price changes & Yorkshire dairy farmers trip to Westminster.

17th June 2011             Tesco lead is once again closely followed by its closes rivals & Yorkshire dairy farmings Dads Army march to Westminster.

10th June 2011             Wiseman moves to increase forecasting accuracy, but… & Onwards and upwards for Milk Link’s profits.

3rd June 2011               Fonterra SMP milk auction prices up & Arla cannot afford to ignore survey results.


May 2011

27th May 2011             Monthly milk auction prices up 0.67ppl & First Milk announce a significant acquisition.

20th May 2011             Dairy Crest announce year end results.

13th May 2011             Welsh Farming Union back Scottish NFU milk price formula & Johal Dairies back in the news. 

6th May 2011               NFUs pricing formula road show attracts farmers support & So what’s the deal for Tesco producers?


April 2011

29th April 2011            0.15ppl milk price increase to South Caernarfon Creameries suppliers & AHDB/Dairy Co Conference.

22nd April 2011           Scottish NFU provide leadership and a potential solution to market related milk pricing & Another stilton cheese bites the dust.

15th April 2011            What is Dairy Crest’s master plan? & Wiseman and Arla tweaks.

8th April 2011              Blaydon Dairy set to close & UK production increased by 4%!

1st April 2011              Dairy Crest and milk and more brand dubbed milk and not much more.


March 2011

25th March 2011          1ppl bonus to Freshways producers negotiated in conjunction with FFA & Auction price crash back.

18th March 2011          Have world community auction prices peaked? & Wiseman gain c-op group milk business.

11th March 2011          FFA reveal their new idea & February milk production up 4.4% (43.2m) litres.

4th March 2011            International auction prices exert pressure at home & Healthy results for Arla UK with questions outstanding.


February 2011

25th February 2011      AMPE, MCVE and commodity prices on the move & Dairy Crest direct come away with a promise.

18th February 2011      Auction prices rocket up & Time for Dairy Crest Direct and Wiseman milk partnership o put their money where their mouths are.

11th February 2011      UK production continues to Rise with January up 54.1 million litres & Nocton attracts some rational industry comments.

4th February 2011        Various milk price rises & Gurus confirm the average cost of production is 29.10ppl.


January 2011

28th January 2011        Various milk price rises & Dairy Crests deferred liquick milk price increase triggers flashing blue lights & Wiseman issue interim report.

21st January 2011         Fonterra auction average is knocking on the door of €4,000/tonne & cuddle up to FFA story no1 + 2.

14th January 2011        1ppl milk price increase from Milk Link is pivotal & First Milk investment payout.

7th January 2011          All eyes on Tesco with 1ppl increase rumour & Dairy Crest Direct seek a 27ppl minimum for non-aligned suppliers.


December 2010

24th December 2010   34% increase in Meadow Foods profits & Dairy Crest’s New Year advertising campaign.

17th December 2010   Asda pour petrol on a raging fire & Farmer protests update.

10th December 2010   Asda is tipped to be the No1 target & NFU dairy board dilemma.

3rd December 2010     Auction prices increase by 2% & So what’s the next move?


November 2010

26th November 2010  Angry farmers in Southern Ireland tell Tesco – Every little helps! & Are the big retailers the right targets?

19th November 2010  Mission Milk Event & Protests must aim high and at the right targets.

12th November 2010  Tesco switch to Dairy Crest confirmed & It’s not us to blame Gov’nor.

5th November 2010    World auction prices stand on & First Milk have turned the corner.


October 2010

29th October 2010      Trick and no Treats. Tesco style & Arla Farmers Milk Partnership (AFMP) investment re-think needed.

22nd October 2010      FFA hit Tesco distribution depot & What’s the score with liquid milk prices?

18th October 2010      Quota fraudsters now behind bars & Yeo Valley Organic has the X Factor.

8th October 2010        Milk the GAP (says Dairy Co) Mid the Chasm (says Potter) & September production.

1st October 2010         Various milk price rises & Morrisons surprise announcement.


September 2010

24th September 2010   Milk auction prices bounce back & Graham Dairies buys Claymore.

17th September 2010   Black Thursday as Wiseman shares crash from 485.5p to 335.90p & New partner in Westbury Dairies Limited.

10th September 2010   No going back for NEC Dairy Event & NFU dairy position under fire.

3rd September 2010    £1 million co-op cheese marketing campaign & Potential early Christmas present.


August 2010

27th August 2010         Auction results dip further & Women’s Institute returns with another dairy farmer initiative.

20th August 2010         The World’s biggest 1 billion litre dairy becomes reality & Arla producers to help fund new super dairy.

13th August 2010         Northern Ireland milk prices “disconnect” from lagging GB prices & Don’t panic over 70% RPA production figure error.

6th August 2010           First Milk resigners unhappy that no further increases will come their way & Letter to Ian from


July 2010

30th July 2010              0.5ppl Milk Link price increase – from 1st August & Liquid retailers will be the key targets.

23rd July 2010              Co-op losses reversed & RPA and DEFRA both under attack for failure.

16th July 2010              1,000 dairy farmers protest in Brussels & GM crop cop out.

9th July 2010                World commodity auction prices dip by almost 14% & The reigns pass from one wise man to another.

2nd July 2010                Dairy Co Loses data & Milk Link to reduce production bonus from April 2011.


June 2010

25th June 2010             First Milk increase for cheese but not for liquid suppliers & 1ppl milk price increase for Meadow Foods suppliers.

18th June 2010             High Level Group (HLG) final report on milk & World milk output.

11th June 2010             NFU’s Great milk robbery & Raid on Freshways could cost them £250,000.

4th June 2010               Revolt by wholesale dairy companies over discount milk prices.


May 2010

28th May 2010             £3.3 million interest payment to Milk Link members & It’s time for serious questions on Middle ground discounting.

21st May 2010              Commission commence release of intervention stocks & Alan Wiseman sells shares and stands down as Chariman.

14th May 2010             April production down 9.7m litres on 12 months ago & Dairy Crest profits down £1.18 as brilliant plan to raise revenues falters.

7th May 2010               The overall outlook for summer milk prices is positive & NFU scores own goal on farm works as vice president & others investigated.


April 2010

30th April 2010            Various milk prices increases & Marks and Spencers producers continue to be the cream of the crop.

23rd April 2010            UK prices on the up & Dutch Dairy Board commodity prices up another €100/tonne.

16th April 2010            2009/2010 production is lowest on record & Farm gate milk price for February.

9th April 2010              World auction prices rocket up by almost 25% & Dutch commodity prices reflect shortage of product.

2nd April 2010             Dairy Crest (DC) profits up in end of year update & War between two dairies cost towards £2million.


March 2010

26th March 2010          Tesco adjustments should not be followed by other opportunist buyers & 10,000 dairy cow unit proposal.

19th March 2010         First Milk to close Islands creamery & Milk Link’s top table changes.

12th March 2010          Around 200 ASDA producers lose retailer premium & Big problems at GB’s older Milk Co-op.

5th March 2010            Arla Foods AMBA dresses up its results to deliver a healthy profit.


February 2010

26th February 2010      Auction prices ease but are still highest recorded for February & NFU conference.

19th February 2010      It’s crucial the NFU council make the right choice & Magic Malcolm closes DFB oral evidence.

5th February 2010        Philip Moody is a rat and Rob Knight couldn’t run a bath & Magic Malcolm steps in to the witness box.


January 2010

29th January 2010        Old habits die hard as Sainsburys turn to Arla for liquid milk & NFU dairy farmer representative summit call …

22nd January 2010        Medina purchases former DFB dairy at Blaydon & Allocation of £25 million to UK dairy farmers goes to consultation.

15th January 2010        Another blow with HMRC decision which will cost DFOB suppliers millions & More chillie spice added to NFU elections.

8th January 2010          Fingers crossed for future of Claymore Dairies & Wiseman sets the record straight over milk import concerns.


December 2009

24th December 2009   Hallelujah as Knight, Moody and Cooksey are called to give evidence & So what needs to be asked?

18th December 2009   Notes on commodity trading & Double award celebration for Belton cheese.

11th December 2009   DEFRA October farm gate milk price down almost 3ppl – again & Threat to close down Arla’s Leeds factory.

4th December 2009     Arla farmers miss out on price rises & Dairy Crest contract review includes 2 year fixed price option.


November 2009

27th November 2009  Milk auction continues to rise to average 28.52ppl & NFU Northern Dairy contest is heavyweight contest.

17th November 2009  First Milk dispose of some previously family silver & Billion litre super dairy will be the largest in the world.

6th November 2009    World auction prices up 88% in only 4 months & DFB still smelly.


October 2009

30th October 2009      Milk prices to remain unchanged & Tesco cheese price increases by £300 plus/tonne.

23rd October 2009      €280 million headline price in dairy farmers package & European Dairy Farmers voice is influencing the Ministers ..

16th October 2009      Rob Roy – Outlaw or Hero? & NFU stand accused sitting on the fence.

9th October 2009        UK production rises for the first time in 6 years & Changes in First Milk Board.


September 2009

25th September 2009   First Milk loses £7m & Wisemans reshuffle in the South.

18th September 2009   Get on line now and buy some milk in protest over Asda and Tesco promotion & Procedure for appointing a Chairman is transparent.

11th September 2009   First Milk’s Chairman resigns following head to head & Is this all part of Shearlaw (The Cuckoo) master plan?

4th September 2009     World auction prices up 56.3% in only 8 weeks & The Co-ops lack of fair trade for dairy farmers attracts BBC’s attention.


August 2009

21st August 2009         Auction prices jump 10% in a month & New ideas and opportunities open day in Cumbria.

14th August 2009         Clarification on 21.5ppl ex-DFB milk sales & Trading Standards instruct dairy remove the Welsh Dragon.

7th August 2009           Milk auction prices surge north by a whopping 26% & Could Arla walk away scot free from OFT investigation?


July 2009

31st July 2009               Have First Milk lost almost £1.5m in 8 weeks (or overpaid by £1.5m)? & Belton cheese need a van to carry the weight of medals won at Nantwich.

24th July 2009              Possibility of on-farm quotas from Commission Report & Red card shown to Johal Dairies and Druces.

17th July 2009              English milk summit proves constructive & Arla allow producers under resignation to leave early as ex-DFB farmers queue to supply milk.

10th July 2009              Royal Show ends on a low point as the old dog is finally put to sleep & The final chapters in the collapse of DFB are not even drafted yet.

3rd July 2009                Shock! It has been a good news week for dairying (milk price drops aside)! & Good News Stories 1-4.


June 2009

26th June 2009             Milk production still heading South as confidence amongst remaining farmers is fragile & Arla invests in research and development.

16th June 2009             You’ve been yated: Are PWC and Yates acting legally and morally in their 10p residual milk payment? & DFOB early day motion details.

12th June 2009             Court Judgment highlights the theft and bribery involving middle ground suppliers & DFB receiver closes Blaydon and Bridgend.

5th June 2009               Dairy Farmers of Britain goes into receivership, but industry rallies round to assist members & Call for a forensic examination of DFB’s affairs.


May 2009

29th May 2009             Medina and Dairy Crest in talks to transfer middle ground business & European Milk Board unite dairy farmers from across the EU.

15th May 2009             The OFT price fixing investigation which we have all forgotten about & Pembrokeshire cheddar brand hits 32 Tesco stores.

8th May 2009               Urgent call for all dairy farmers and industry associates & DIN conference delegates and speakers are cautiously optimistic.

1st May 2009                Various milk price cuts & Ex-Dairy Crest man Nick Gayle joins turnaround man at DFB.


April 2009

24th April 2009            DFB has now lost its biggest customer as Wiseman, Dairy Crest and Yeo Valley take remaining CTRG business & Chief Executive of DFB leaves.

17 April 2009              Arla announces £120 million cost cutting & Milk Link cheeses head for China.

10th April 2009            The caretaker Chairman of DFB has reneged on his word in less than 4 months & DFB end up with a bloody nose in the High Court.

3rd April 2009            Various milk price cuts & German quota prices crash to 21ppl.


March 2009

30th March 2009          Tesco confirm the true cost of production is almost 27ppl & DFB get thumbs up and thumbs down as it seeks to salvage what it can.

20th March 2009          Calling on all dairy farmers and their wives/partners and mistresses to do some urgent mystery shopping & Co-ops milk pensions.

13th March 2009          1ppl guaranteed price reduction from Freshways following the loss of major contract & Will it be Mission Impossible for DFB on loanstock?

6th March 2009            Further 1.8ppl milk price cuts from Lactalis from 1st March 2009 & £70m debt for equity swap at DFB is latest move.


February 2009

27th February 2009      Rumours of a Wiseman producer price cut for March are mythical & Arla profits almost 40% below expectations.

20th February 2009      Changes in DFB Board are not as first planned & Dairy Breakout session and NFU Dairy Survival Plan receives mixed response.

13th February 2009      The For Sale Board at Dairy Farmers of Britain is now public & Cumberland Cheese factory closes.


January 2009

30th January 2009        Various price cuts & Arla to invest £70 million in Leeds factory.

23rd January 2009        Export refunds should help put a bottom in the commodity market & Surplus milk at Freshways.

16th January 2009        ASDA change cheese supplier from First Milk to Lactalis & NFU receives legal opinion on DFB contracts.

2nd January 2009          Various price cuts & Soya meal and wheat prices nudge up.


December 2008

19th December 2008   Auction results continue to head south averaging only 16.63ppl & Meanwhile what has Cooksey been up to this week?

12th December 2008   Fresh & Lo offer at 25p/litre flushes out Tesco as cheats & Arla profit warning.

5th December 2008     DFB under attack as they try to steady the ship & NFU in firing line with selective press releases.


November 2008

28th November 2008  DFB axes almost 33% of its workforce as almost 700 jobs go and 2 ex-ACC factories close & Where has it all gone wrong for DFB?

21st November 2008   Paynes announce what is likely to be the final milk price increase of 2008 & Milk Link takes DC cheese scalp.

14th November 2008  Seismic changes at Dairy Farmers of Britain all within 7 days & So what do others think of Knight’s departure and DFB’s communication?

7th November 2008    United Dairy Farmers results achieved without using farmers cash & DFB top executive leaves at short notice.


October 2008

31st October 2008       Does Wisemans + First Milk = DFB members future? & Tesco Local Choice would benefit from Wiseman takeover.

24th October 2008      DFB no longer “A business on track” & French producers vent their anger at 22ppl milk price.

17th October 2008      How to deal with farmers and supermarkets parts 1 + 2 & NFSCo scraps membership fee and moves to user pay fee system.

10th October 2008     Various milk prices increases & No news from Dairy Crest.

3rd October 2008        Some key points before farmers sign up to Promar costings & Dairy Crest almost certain to close Nottingham facilities.


September 2008

26th September 2008   No smoke signals from Tesco to Stanton & First Milk’s salaries are not as high as others.

19th September 2008   1million litres/day of imported milk & Tesco could save £3million and pay Promar a bonus.

12th September 2008   Dairy UK sacks its high profile Chairman, prompting the NFU to take its bat and ball home & Milk Link sells Staplemead to French dairy.

5th September 2008     It’s clear who is flying dairy farmers’ kite for a milk price increase & Another rural myth does the rounds.


August 2008

29th August 2008         Wisemans and Tesco’s facing producer notices as do Promar & French dairy farmers furious over milk price increase.

22nd August 2008        Milk auction fairs well but volumes were down significantly & Farmer suggests clearing Tesco’s shelves on all Fresh’n’Lo milk.

15th August 2008         Reaction to Tesco offer took less than 24 hours to prompt a response from Morrisons! & Once again we ask where will Wiseman get the milk?

8th August 2008           DFOB annual results show sliding profits and declining milk supplies & Milk production up 15.7 million litres in July.

1st August 2008           DFOB resigns 50 million litres of South East contract and Wiseman steps in & Meadow steps up recruitment of new producers.


July 2008

25th July 2008              Now government knackers dairy farmers on nitrates & South Caernarfon creameries post record profits.

18th July 2008              High court victory is a blow to DEFRA and the Government & Ban on calf exports due to TB is double dutch and a ruse.

11th July 2008              June production figures – down another 20 million litres & NFU goes head to head with DEFRA.

4th July 2008                It’s no to any badger cull as Benn bottles out at Royal Show & Arla UK partnership the good news and the irritating news.


June 2008

27th June 2008             Milk Link’s results certainly demonstrate they are not the weakest link as Ronnie rings the bell & Trading in milk futures is imminent.

20th June 2008             Arla follow Dairy Crest with 0.3ppl rise & Milk auction prices up almost 2ppl in a month.

13th June 2008             Dairy Crest confirm Morrisons 1ppl equates to 0.3ppl for each producer & NVZ implementation report calls for Hilary Benn to ….

6th June 2008               European milk strike ends & United introduce cost rebate to larger producers.


May 2008

30th May 2008             ASDA deal on discounted milk & Morrison’s 1ppl headline is confusing everyone.

23rd May 2008             Morrisons hit the headlines with 1ppl regional milk initiative & Farmers should be up in arms with retailers as dairy farmers are thrown crumbs.

16th May 2008             Wiseman issue profits warning but know milk prices must continue to head north & Hostility as Jersey aims for PDO for its butter & yoghurt

9th May 2008               DFB accused of remaining 3 months off the pace & Milk sales up 2.5%.

2nd May 2008               Dairy Farmer numbers will drop below 10,000 this summer & Minimal confidence as survey points to continuing decline in UK milk production.


April 2008

25th April 2008            Credit Suisse re-evaluate Dairy Crest shares which it rates as under-performing & Dairy Co board on expedition to outer Cornwall.

18th April 2008            Wiseman flex their muscles by imposing a new contract terms & World super co-op moves one step closer to reality.

11th April 2008            Another successful DIN conference and a gathering of the great and the good from the world dairy industry.

4th April 2008              Scottish NFU accuses milk purchasers of dithering & meanwhile further south in Southern Ireland the outlook is cautiously optimistic.


March 2008

28th March 2008          Tesco price increases by 0.5ppl to 28ppl & Dairy Crest shares drop more than 50p in 8 hours on the back of the pre-close trading statement.

20th March 2008          Tesco concludes April to September milk prices & UK’s milk quota boosted to 14.686 billion litres.

14th March 2008          The pressure is about to hit Hanne Sondergaard and Arla & Milk promotion continues at education show.

7th March 2008            Co-op report points to ex-farm gate milk price of almost 30p litre & Will Wisemans require new customers for new Bridgwater Dairy?


February 2008

29th February 2008      28ppl contract from Muller ups the pace & French milk production up 450 million litres.

22nd February 2008     ASDA pull the plug on resigner’s 1ppl bonus & First Milk producers will defect to Wisemans.


January 2008

25th January 2008        Irelands milk auction returns 22.39ppl & Organic milk position serious.

18th January 2008        Meadow make right noises & Channel Island milk sales boom.

11th January 2008        Dairy company shares tumble & Free Entry to LAMMA Show


December 2007

21st December 2007   Ronald Akkerman – The Flying Dutchman sells out to Meadow Foods.

14th December 2007   Dairy Crest chairman quits after 7 months & NVZ regulation threat to you.

7th December 2007     Fines of £116m can only be detrimental to dairy farmers.


November 2007

30th November 2007 DEFRA strike threat & Arla loses more producers.

23rd November 2007 33ppl for NI’s United Dairy Farmers & Mad Mills is at least consistent.

16th November 2007 The Milkman Ltd kicks in at 29.5p nett & organic milk sales up 11.5%.

9th November 2007   Arla UK producers may join the Arla Co-op & October production figures.

2nd November 2007    Price rises & Arla Denmark changes contracts to make it easier to leave.


October 2007

26th October 2007      Former dairy Crest and Aspatria producers consult lawyers & Ians Diary

19th October 2007      Arla on hunt for new members & Italians told to pay up

12th October 2007      FMD restrictions lifted from 17th Oct. & Bluetongue

5th October 2007        2007 Single Payments boost & Petition for financial compensation


September 2007

28th September 2007   Bath & West Dairy Show Postponed & MDC’s new name

21st September 2007   OFT – on price fixing for milk and dairy products & NFU & MDC Silent

14th September 2007   2007 Dairy Event at Stoneleigh Park cancelled.

7th September 2007     27.5p from Tesco to Wiseman/Arla producers & Ians Diary


August 2007

31st August 2007         Co-ops talk of mergers & AMPE and MCVE both pass 30ppl.

24th August 2007         Scottish farmers demand 25p by September & Calf export back on.

17th August 2007         Many stories of milk price rises for producers

10th August 2007         MDC Study & All change at Arla UK

3rd August 2007         Record breaking milk auction averages almost 35p. No Super Levy 2006/07


July 2007

27th July 2007             3 & 6 month fixed milk price contracts – your views required.

20th July 2007              Dairy Farmers and Spot Milk Selling & Freshways price angers farmers.

13th July 2007              1.4ppl rise for Heler Cheese suppliers & Royal Show site could be up for sale.

6th July 2007                28.71ppl average for milk auction & Tesco Local Choice milk attracts Trading standards


June 2007

29th June 2007             Confirmed 0.5ppl First Milk price increase & Waitrose joins green milk drive.

22nd June 2007             Producer hits boiling point with Arla tactics & Glanbia Cheese 0.5ppl price rise.

15th June 2007             Spot milk sells for 28ppl+ & Tesco to buy out Wiseman Dairies.

8th June 2007               ASDA push on milk advertising and battle with FSA & ASDA 4 litres for £2.00.

1st June 2007                World milk prices are rocketing & Gordon Brown effectively charges farmers  an extra 8.5% tax.


May 2007

25th May 2007             Middle ground suicide sellers could wreck the UK market & RPA still in a big mess.

18th May 2007             Milk Direct increase is considered an insult & dairy Crest closure of Totnes.

11th May 2007             Dairy farmer numbers drop below 13,000 & Captive bolt guns available.

4th May 2007               First Milk back dates milk price increase & More good news for Arla.


April 2007

April 27th 2007            Waitrose milk price & Nestle warning over global milk price escalation.

April 24th 2007            Will the new Arla boss be another Peter the Great? 0.5ppl increase from Helers.

April 13th 2007            Why no increase for Arla and the other Dairy Crest suppliers.

April 5th 2007              22p litre from Tesco – to dedicated suppliers & What about Sainsburys?