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We have now ceased trading BPS Entitlements for the 2017 claim period.



The 2016 payment was £209 or £84 per acre


SFP Payments increase by 16.5% (£30/ha or £12/acre) for Lowland


The 2016 basic area payment for farmers in England has increased by 16.5% or £12/acre as a result of the post Brexit weakening of the £ to the Euro.


The payments will continue for at least another 4 years until 2020.



Region                                   Euro Payment                                    Payment 2015                                    Payment 2016

Moorland                                 €65/ha                                                 £48/ha                                                 £55/ha

Severly Disadvantaged           €246/ha                                               £180/ha                                               £210/ha

Lowland                                   €248/ha                                               £181/ha                                               £211/ha


Exchange Rate                                                                                   73.129p = 1 €                                      85.228p = 1 €




The minimum claim is now 5ha (12.4 acres) anyone with less than 5ha hectares needs to consider their options. 


The usage rules have also changed, all entitlements must be claimed on once in every 2 years.  Any unclaimed entitlements will be confiscated without compensation.


Anyone claiming on entitlements must be deemed by the RPA to be an “active farmer” and therefore should ensure they meet the criteria before submitting a claim.