This page was last updated 6th May 2020 Press refresh for the latest information.


Ian Potter Marketing Services are now trading BPS Entitlements for the 2020 claim period.

The deadline for submitting your claim is Friday the 15th May 2020




Please contact Jacquey on 01335 324594 or email sales@ipaquotas.co.uk for further details and prices.


We trade English Non SDA, Moorland & SDA BPS Entitlements


UK Government commits to keeping the Basic Payment unchanged for this year

The UK Treasury have confirmed that 2020 direct payments to farmers will be unchanged from the 2019 year.

Now that we have left the EU, direct payments to farmers are set by the UK Treasury for the first time. It remains to be seen exactly how this will play out over the next few years.


All Entitlements are subject to availability and vendor acceptance:



No. of Ent





£160 ono



·         The exchange rate on 5th November 2019 was €1 - £0.89092

·         A minimum of 5 hectares of eligible land must be held to be able to make a claim

·         One entitlement to be held for every hectare of eligible land to be claimed on

·         The entitlements held must correspond to the type of land to be claimed on ie SDA, Non SDA or Moorland

·         The land claimed on must be at the claimant’s disposal on 15th May

·         Claims must be submitted by 15th June

·         All entitlements must be claimed on once every 2 years

·         2019 BPS values

Non SDA - €261.39 / £232.87 per hectare

SDA - €259.45 / £231.14 per hectare

Moorland - €71.19 / £63.42 per hectare

·        The likelihood is that successive annual payments will decrease between 2021 and 2027